Saturday, October 23, 2010

Health Careers Survey: DETAILER

Start a discussion with those of you that share the same personality type. Of the careers listed which one interests you most? and why? Does it match what you might have said in previous blog posts?

Use this as a place to discuss with those most like you! Make sure to read and comment on what others have to say.


AlyssaC said...
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ashleyG said...
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AmandaM said...

Detailers have great focusing
skills. They analyze facts and
numbers. They’re observant
and able to evaluate what they
perceive. They often prefer a
steady routine. They like
being part of the team, through
not always in leadership roles. this personality type is most like me. being an accountant interests me the most because i like working with numbers. on the past blogs, i said that i wanted to be an anesthesiologist. but my personality type doesnt really match that profession. i like accounting and i feel like it matches my personality type more than anesthesiology.

meghank said...

I was an artist and a helper. From the helper area I would be interested in being a Physical therapist because I find the field extremely interesting. Physical therapy is more than just telling someone what is wrong it helps them get better without a bunch of medications. I find it amazing that physical therapists know exactly what exercises will strengthen and stretch certain muscles to fix whatever problem someone may be having. This is a type of medicine that I have considered before however it has not been one of my number one choices.

Karly said...

I am not surprised that my personality type is detailer. I am very observant and am able to analyze facts and numbers well. Some of the careers in this category that interest me are pharmacist, pharmaceutical scientist, biochemist, and geneticist. I enjoy chemistry and want to go on to major in this in college and these careers seem to fit my personality and my future degree. I still would like to become a physician; however, because this career could combine my detail and people skills.

meghank said...

Ashley I feel the same way. I think it is extremely important to be able to communicate well with others to be able to do well in the health field and help others. It is also very nice for me to know that I am looking into a career that fits my personality and makes sense for me to be a part of. I want to know that I will be able to make a difference.